Sunday Slideshow: Family Fun Fair 2015

This was the fourth year in a row that I’ve taken Philip to the Family Fun Fair hosted by our county/city health department. This was, however, the first time that Peter has joined us and the first year there has been a bounce house. Philip cried when I told him he had to get out, but the tears disappeared as we made our way around the various activities and exhibits. The layout this year was the best I’ve seen. The organizations had plenty of space both inside and outside the building. I didn’t feel as cramped as we’ve been in years past.

“He wasn’t shy,” Peter remarked after we left. And he wasn’t. Philip knows the drill at these types of events and he’s not shy about participating in the crafts and games.

New this year was a free picnic lunch. If Peter hadn’t been along, I probably we have taken Philip in to check it out. We also skipped some of the organizations’ tables. Peter’s not big on standing around, so I knew we had to keep moving. Plus, once Philip had his free bag of popcorn, his interest in anything other than a bubble machine waned. Unfortunately, after eating about half the bag, Philip decided it would be more fun to crush it up. Guess who’ll be vacuuming the backseat of the car today?

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Read about the Family Fun Fairs of the past:


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