is there anything more glorious?

Everyone else went out to lunch, so I took my bag of McDonald’s back to my desk at work. After a morning spent chasing my tail on a project, I really, really wanted a margarita, but fast food was cheaper and wouldn’t leave me drunk on the job.

As I prepared to eat, I was thinking about the story I wrote about watching my coworker consume french fries. I decided that, even though there was no one in the office who would see me or judge me, I would slow down and savor my fries.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of opening an email just as I sat down. The client who wrote me was insisting up was down despite evidence to the contrary. She implied that what I was saying happened did not. I was so riled up reading it that I crammed every fry down my throat without even realizing it. Maybe if I’d had that margarita instead, the email message wouldn’t have fazed me. Instead, the fries sat like a lump in my stomach. I didn’t salt them, and I certainly didn’t enjoy them.

The comments on “shame with a side of fries,” on the other hand, were quite enjoyable to read. Many of you share my affinity with those greasy, salty bits of potato. Many of you could relate to my self-consciousness when it comes to eating habits. Natalie, who writes over at The Cat Lady Sings, could totally relate:

Um, yeah, I have similar eating habits. I eat fast, though, because I am obsessive and don’t know how to moderate myself.
And is there anything in the world more glorious than shoving four McDonald’s fries in your mouth at one time? No, there is not.

You are correct, Natalie, nothing beats shoving fries in your mouth. However, I do recommend that you are doing it on purpose, not eating out of anger. Maybe next time. Still, thank you, Natalie, for understanding. I’ve chosen your response as my April 2015 Comment of the Month. You’ll live on forever (well, definitely longer than my fries) on my Couldn’t have said it better page.

I hope my other readers will take the time to visit Natalie’s blog. She was a BlogHer 2014 Voice of the Year and serves as an editor at yeah write. You’ll be treated to fiction, poetry and personal essays.

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Since Natalie is the hostess, I’m linking this post up with the yeah write weekend writing showcase. 

7 thoughts on “is there anything more glorious?

  1. I love the idea of a comment of the month! And, yeah, those fries are temptresses. In my college days, if the bag was on the seat next to me in the car, they’d be gone before I could make it home.


    1. I added the comment of the month feature after 31 days to build a better blog. It’s a nice excuse to re-read comments and make sure I’ve replied when possible.


  2. I’m terrible. I do the same thing; eating in a hurry, shoving food in my mouth while reading emails or watching CNN. If you are going to eat something terrible you might as well enjoy it, right?


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