loving the person, not the behavior

I was looking for a glass in which to pour my Pepsi when I remembered the incident. All four tumblers were in the dishwasher, so I pulled out a mug instead. I thought about the fifth, missing plastic cup. My sister-in-law has it. I loaned it to her during her last visit so she could drink what remained of her bottle of rum on the way home. She wasn’t driving, not that that’s an excuse. She is an alcoholic and I enabled her. I wrote about it here.

Several people could relate to my story. Whether a friend or a family member, many readers know or knew someone just like my sister-in-law. Kerri Ames of Diagnosed and still okay summed up the dilemma in her comment:


March 3, 2015 at 12:11 pm 

I think this is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Yes, you love your friend, but not her behavior.

I “met” Kerri either through Twisted MixTape Tuesdays or maybe via the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Her blog used to be called Undiagnosed But Okay, so maybe I encountered her as a fellow parent blogging about raising a child with special needs. Regardless, I’m glad to know her and her blog.

I encourage you to get to know Kerri, too. Her “My Challenge” series features guests sharing their struggles. You can find out more about why she changed her blog name here. Or you can click on random posts to read her stories full of compassion and humor.

Thank you, Kerri, for reading this story and others that I’ve posted. I’ve chosen your thoughtful remark as my March 2015 Comment of the Month. It will live over on my Couldn’t have said it better page.

One thought on “loving the person, not the behavior

  1. OHHHH Thank you so very much! For sharing Bridget’s journey and for understanding that the journey isn’t always pretty but always worthwhile. I’m glad you understood what I was trying to convey, about your friend and what your friendship to her must mean.


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