escape velocity

Spiraling like some insignificant satellite, suffocated by your gravitational pull, I must break free from your orbit. By our next encounter, I may appear adrift, but I will draw expansive breaths deep into my lungs. Maybe my exhalations will eclipse even you.

14 thoughts on “escape velocity

    1. Thanks. As I mentioned above in reply to Dave’s comment, I started with the phrase “unnamed moon” and then began looking up all words related to it. It’s funny how that first kernel got cut from the final product.


  1. You have such an amazing way with metaphor. 🙂 And eclipse–yeah! We get to see a solar eclipse here tomorrow!


    1. I guess the Northern Lights were visible around here on Tuesday night, but I didn’t see the news until Wednesday afternoon. 😦 I hope you had cooperative weather for viewing the eclipse.


      1. I saw some northern lights pics from back home (Chicago area) and wished I could have been there…though I probably would have been sleeping. 🙂 We had a beautiful day for the eclipse, very cool, and so fun to share with my kids.

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