grapes of wrath

I bought
you grapes (on sale)
after you tried to eat
a fake one displayed amid the

The grapes before they were subjected to many indignities.

The grapes before they were subjected to many indignities.

I smiled –
you popped purple
globes, one by one, into
your mouth, savoring each until

But then
the orbs became
your playthings to be scooped
and dropped, rolled and flung, flattened by

And now
you dance across
my kitchen floor, skating
on the skins, leaving sticky streaks
and pulp.

Next time
I see you grab
plastic fruits at the store,
I’ll recall my wrath and buy those

A crown cinquain for the yeah write March poetry slam.

7 thoughts on “grapes of wrath

  1. Oh, man, Cyn – I love your little boy. I can’t help but laugh a little at the utter absurdity of skating on grape skins. It must have been a hair-tearing moment. I love that you turned it into a poem. 🙂


    1. I’m torn – some research suggests that picky eaters literally need to play with food to get past any aversions to texture or smell. I try to keep that in mind when I’m cursing the resulting mess.


  2. I love grapes myself. I had some nice green ones just the other day. Tragically (or perhaps happily) I did not think of skating across the floor with them. That sounds like fun. Untidy, but fun. 😀


    1. Philip had green ones last night. No dancing. Instead, after removing them from the stem, he tried to balance them back in place. Once he looked like he was going to start rolling and flinging grapes, I put them away.
      I don’t recommend skating on them. In addition to the mess, there’s really too much friction to get a good glide going.

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