Sunday Slideshow: process over product

After the success of last month’s Make It Take It project at the library, I didn’t want to miss taking Philip again this month. Since we were all out running errands on Saturday morning,  Peter joined us. He rolled his eyes a bit as I took each photo, but I just ignored him. He’d learn soon enough why it is important to document the process.

Miss Sheri, the volunteer who leads the craft, had set up a model of the Saint Patrick’s Day-themed project: a shamrock man. I pointed to it so Philip could see how he was supposed to draw a face on the large shamrock. He studied it carefully and then copied eyes and a mouth onto his own piece of green construction paper. He personalized it by turning the simple single-line smile into a mouth with teeth.

The next step was to take four strips of white paper and fold them like an accordion. Both Miss Sheri and I demonstrated this to Philip. He gave it a try, but he was more interested in playing with the paper midway through. I did this for him while he played.

At this point, we were ready for the glue stick. Miss Sheri uncapped one and handed it to Philip who immediately pushed his finger into the glue. Miss Sheri wondered if he was bothered by the discoloration of this particular stick. I appreciate how understanding she is of Philip’s sensitivities. She offered a replacement, but I declined. I think he just wanted to touch the glue.

I took over the glue and applied a dab to the first of the four smaller shamrocks. Without prompting, Philip figured out he was supposed to attach the white strip. He followed the sample.

Miss Sheri said it was time to put the appendages onto the shamrock body, but I waited. When she saw Philip dangling the arms and legs, she laughed. She is learning that this is one of his favorite things to do.

Dangling complete, I dabbed on more glue and Philip finished assembling his shamrock man. He held it up to admire. He had every right to be proud of his accomplishment. He is gaining more independence each time we participate in Make It, Take It.

After thanking Miss Sheri, we all headed to the car. Philip raced ahead of Peter and me on the sidewalk so he could see the shamrock man’s arms and legs flutter. To neither of our surprise, he tromped right through a puddle. Unfortunately, the shamrock man was splattered.

No sooner was Philip in the car, and before I could even buckle him in, he tore the arms and legs off of the project.

And that’s why I take all those pictures of the process. That’s more important than the product anyway.

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