Sunday Slideshow: Buzzard Day

Last Sunday, I drove Philip to lodge in our gated community only to discover that the parking lot was empty. We had better luck this morning since the Buzzard Day II event was actually scheduled for today.

Philip and I skipped the pancake breakfast which might have been a mistake since Philip asked me for fish sticks, pretzels and cake as we sat listening to the talk. We came in when the talk was in progress which was just as well. Philip was more interested in watching the ceiling fans and asking for food than in listening to the volunteers from the Medina Raptor Center talk about birds.

While he was gazing at the ceiling, one of the volunteers circled near us carrying a barn owl. Philip was startled when he caught sight of the large-eyed bird. After his initial surprise, he was interested in looking at the various birds of prey. We had a chance to see three up close after the talk concluded.

I had the opportunity to teach him two new words on his iPad: vulture and owl. Philip, however, didn’t need me to teach him what an owl says. After seeing a much smaller owl up close, he navigated to the spelling page and typed “ooooo.” Then he said, “whoooo.”

Now who’s the wise one in the room?

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