energy to love

I indulged in self-pity when I wrote “a walk in the dark” last month. I meant to balance out my complaints in that story about the swath of destruction that Philip left in our bedroom with a poem in which I expressed a more tolerant view of Philip’s deconstruction. I ended up scheduling the poem the following week, so my whingeing stood alone.

One reader gave me more credit than I felt I deserved in her comment on that story. 360 Lioness left this response:

I fear I will be misunderstood as stupid, calloused, ignorant of the facts, or just plain ol’ out of touch so I’m going to post what I truly feel about your post.

I love, admire, and respect parents that have spent their days avoiding catastrophes, tolerating the ones they can’t, finding solutions to problems that no one else can relate to and still find the room and energy to love, nurture, and understand. I look to these parents for guidance. You are part of the group of parents that can actually attest to the job!

I felt a both chastened and inspired by her words. Do I always find the room to understand and the energy to love? I certainly aspire to those lofty goals, and I’ll be more mindful of them in the future.

Thank you, 360 Lioness. I did not find your comment stupid or callous. In fact, it was both thoughtful and thought-provoking. That is why I’ve chosen it as my February Comment of the Month. It will be posted to my Couldn’t have said it better page.


What do you have to say about that?

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