Sunday Slideshow: more sledding

This morning, I drove Philip to the lodge in our gated community for an event. When we arrived, there were only two cars in the parking lot.

They must have canceled, I thought.

Fortunately, I had already planned on taking Philip sledding on the way home, so he was already wearing his snow pants and the sled was in the car. He was in a much better mood this week, especially when he saw the sled.

It wasn’t a wasted trip. Philip only went downhill three times, but I was impressed that he brought the sled back up the hill one of those times. After getting his fill of sledding, he played on the swing set. He spent most of his time throwing snow against the building.

While he was occupied with this, I was reading the notices on the door. Turns out the event wasn’t canceled: it isn’t until next Sunday.


Peter saw the photos that I took later in the afternoon and said, “Let’s take him again.”

“Right now?” I asked.

“Philip, want to go sledding again?” was Peter’s answer.

Philip’s answer was to get himself ready. He doesn’t demonstrate much independence in dressing himself unless he is highly motivated. Apparently, going sledding is just the motivation he needs to put on his own socks. Upside down, but the effort was there. He also put on his own gloves.

As much as I am over the cold and snow, I have to admit that it has its benefits.

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