the clock says

It’s too late to play with your toys;
Your blocks know it’s time to be snoring.
The clutter should hibernate now.
Please turn to a pastime more boring.
It’s lights out for other small boys;
They snuggle in beds and are snoozing.
This romping, your mom can’t allow.
She cries out, “This isn’t amusing!”

The clock says, “You ought to be dreaming.”

It’s too late to dance on the couch
‘Mid sheep that have yet to be tallied.
The cushions are scattered about.
For too long sweet slumber has dallied.
Your eyelids are hoping to slouch;
Your mother’s are already drooping.
The lamps wish you’d put their lights out.
“Our bulbs need a break from your whooping!”

The clock says, “You ought to be dreaming.”

It’s too late to jump on the bed.
The sheets think you ought to be quiet.
The dog begs you, “Give it a rest!”
His barking will soon cause a riot.
Your pillow is seeking your head;
Your blanket is longing to swaddle.
The box springs just groan in protest.
The mattress moans, “Why do you dawdle?”

The clock says, “You ought to be dreaming.”

It’s too late to laugh at the moon.
It’s time that you stifled your giggles.
Your mom croons a wordless night song,
Then urges you, “Hush! Cease your wiggles.”
Now cherish the lullaby’s tune;
Recline ’till you’re deep in the covers.
Your breathing will slow before long.
“Goodnight,” sighs your mom as she hovers.

The clock says, “I see you are dreaming.”

17 thoughts on “the clock says

  1. This is amazing, Cyn! How do you rhyme and scan like that? And for so many stanzas! I’m totally in awe. Also, having one (singular!) energetic boy myself, this is so familiar and true to their big personalities.


      1. While she has helped me in that area, too, I’m quite sure you’d manage to look like a genius all on your own here 🙂 I’ve found that working on something for a couple weeks makes all the difference.


  2. I love it! The perennial problem of putting active children to bed. There’s so much love and humour here, and it was so very familiar indeed. Delightfully done!


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