Sunday Slideshow: sledding

“Philip, do you want to go outside and play?”

Instead of a verbal answer, Philip raced out of his room to get his coat. I had to slow him down, first putting his socks on. For the first time ever, he put his own snow pants on. Unfortunately, they were backwards. He had better luck putting on his own boots. By the time I caught up with him, he was already outside.

That’s when I made him cry.

“Philip, you need to get in the car.”

I tried to explain that getting in the car was part of a grand plan for sledding, but Philip was still crying. I couldn’t blame him. I’ve never taken him downhill sledding before. He went once during preschool, but we’ve been depriving him ever since. I guess I’ll chalk it up to it being too cold or not enough snow. Whatever my excuse is, it meant that Philip was not into delaying gratification. He wanted to play outside RIGHT NOW.

I think you’ll see in these photos that he soon cheered up.

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