Sunday Slideshow: hearts and crafts

If we hadn’t already left the house to run errands, I’m not sure that Philip and I would have gone to the library on Saturday for “Make It, Take It” day. Snow and cold kept us away last month, and yesterday’s flurries might have done the same.

I’m so glad we went. Philip did an awesome job with the craft project. I handed him a red piper cleaner and a few beads, and he got to work without instruction. I loved watching him hold three beads at a time and push them into place. I had to help form the pipe cleaner into a heart, but he took over cutting the ribbon to length and tying it on as a hanger. Then he sat and admired his work.

By the time we got home, Philip had removed the ribbon. Within thirty minutes, the heart became a circle. It took over an hour, though, for Philip to undo the pipe cleaner and remove all the beads. It would have been sooner, but I refused to give him the scissors so he could cut the pipe.

Despite the dismantling, Philip entertained himself with those beads for four and a half hours. I’m pretty sure the project, in tact or in its component parts, was in every room in our house, including the bathrooms. He didn’t flush any beads down the toilet, so I don’t mind.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: hearts and crafts

  1. Phillip seems to be the definition of a scientist to me – he takes every opportunity to explore the world, not just in the way that others have told him to do or are doing themselves but in all the ways he can think of. These slideshows really are a great window into how his thoughts progress. “I wonder what will happen if…”, it’s his life motto!


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