the stars in secret

They flash upon that inward eye
Throw back their heads & loose their streaming hair,
Like little worms they turn and crawl,
To justify—Despair.

Lying is an occupation,
Believe not what they urge

The earth neither lags nor hastens,
Though cold and stark and bare,
The Moon emerges from behind a Cloud
To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?


I’m participating in the January yeah write poetry slam by crafting a cento. The title comes from this sonnet by William Shakespeare. Want to give one a try? Check out the guidelines in the yeah write coffeehouse. In the meantime, check out the other centos this week!

Graceful Press Poetry: Of the din and of the darkness

Silver Leaf Journal: We Call the Treasure Knowledge

16 thoughts on “the stars in secret

  1. The form fascinates me. I followed all your links and learned. Now I know enough to say that your response to the challenge is very, very good. I’m thinking I’m going to write a cento and share it with my poetry group, hoping they’ll all want to try one. Thanks for the motivation and an enjoyable half hour.


    1. I didn’t start out with rhyming, but then I found that Dickinson line about Despair and it rhymed with lines I already had. Then I freaked out that it would sound wrong if the rest didn’t rhyme. This definitely wasn’t easy.
      And you! Your first attempt was wonderful!


  2. you are so good at this! i’m amazed at how you can pull from other places and bring it all together to paint your own picture. this one is gorgeous. that last stanza is so evocative. great job!

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  3. OMG a Cento that RHYMES! You kind of remind me of me and my rhyming tritina. It’s so much harder to add in the rhyming. I hope this took you less time than mine took me!


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