Sunday Slideshow: melting snow

Last weekend, the snow was dry and fluffy, perfect for swirling and drifting but quite unsuitable for making snowballs or snowmen. By yesterday, we had received a few inches of wet snow perfect for packing along with temperatures and sunshine warm enough to set it to melting. That sent Philip and I outside twice on Saturday to play.

Even though the snow’s texture was ideal for making a snowman, Philip and I apparently lack the attention span for the task. You’ll see a few photos of what looks more like modern sculpture. Then you’ll see a few clumps of snow after Philip decided to lay on top of the formation. Then he started tackling the shrubbery in front of the house.

Prior to that, Philip was more into one of his other sensory explorations for wish I had a name. Inside, this involved grabbing handfuls of grapes and Cheerios, holding them aloft and watching them fall to the floor. He likes doing this with dust and fur balls that he picks up from the carpet. Outside, he used dirt and gravel and snow for the same stim. As much as I hated see more rocks end up in my yard, I reminded myself that this meant fewer crumbs on my dining room floor.

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One thought on “Sunday Slideshow: melting snow

  1. Reblogged this on that cynking feeling and commented:

    I hate to miss a Sunday Slideshow, but this just hasn’t been a week for taking photos. Both Philip and I are sick, so, unless you are interested in pics of watery eyes and used tissues, there’s not much to photograph around here. Instead, I hope you enjoy this reblog of a post from last year.

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