Sunday Slideshow: do-it-herself workshop

I went to a Home Depot workshop last month. By myself. This wasn’t the usual Saturday morning kids’ event. This was the monthly Do-It-Herself workshop for women.

The first time I went to the women-only workshop was August 2013. There were six women in attendance. Four door prizes were given away, and I didn’t win anything.

That wasn’t my only disappointment. Unlike the kids’ workshop, the ones for women don’t always involve hands-on experience. At our local store, it was a demonstration of how to make a chore jar board. I could have volunteered to do one part, but I still would have spent the majority of the time observing. I decided it was too much hassle to rush to the store on a Thursday after work, so I didn’t go back.

Since I had attended once, however, I was on the email list for future sessions. I discovered that some months were more participatory when you pay for materials. I didn’t see anything that I was really interested in spending money on, so I didn’t go back.

When we took Philip to the kids’ workshop in December, however, the flyer for the December Do-It-Herself workshop had the word that any cheapskate loves to see: FREE. Apparently, I’m not the only one that loves free stuff because, when I arrived, the tables were packed. This was almost as bad as the workshop with all the Cub Scouts but with less running around, shrieking and spilling of drinks.

As I stood there dazed trying to find a spot, I heard my name. Sandy, a woman I knew in high school had arrived just before me. She maneuvered to a table further in, while I snagged the first open spot I saw. I realized there was a space beside my acquaintance, but I would have had to wedge myself behind another lady fully engrossed in sanding a block of wood. Overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, I lost all assertiveness.

The other women at my table were nice enough, but they seemed to know each other. Also, I was a bit miffed that they totally spoiled the Sons of Anarchy series finale. Come on, ladies. You may not be talking to me, but I can hear you!

Since I wasn’t socializing, I focused on the project: building a snowman. Still feeling awkward and shy, I didn’t take photos at first, so I missing most of the steps. Then I thought, F*** it!, took out my camera and snapped away.

The workshop lasted almost two hours. After we assembled our snowmen, the leader took us through other holiday decorating ideas. She gave these items away as door prizes. I didn’t win. Again.

Even though Mommy made it, Philip took over the snowman as his own when I got home. It was really cute until he cracked an egg on it. However, this allowed me to discover that egg will wash right off without taking off the paint. In case you were wondering.

I’m waiting to find out what January’s project is. It was nice to get out of the house on my own for something other than work or errands. Maybe Sandy will be there, and I’ll find a spot beside her so we can chat. Maybe she won’t be, but I won’t be afraid to stand where I want and to take as many photos as I like. What’s the worst that can happen? I get egg on my face?

That washes right off.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: do-it-herself workshop

  1. I don’t construct anything since that time I made a clay statue in high-school class, left an air pocket in it, and had it explode inside the oven, smashing everyone else’s statues in the process….

    …those DIY workshops sound like fun, but I’m not sure what the penalty would be if my snowman managed to somehow explode and shatter everybody else’s. Am I willing to find out? One day, maybe!


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