being still and in the moment

Happy New Year!

I celebrated the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 by doing nothing. Last night, Philip was asleep by 10 pm, so, by golly, I got myself to bed shortly thereafter. This afternoon, Philip and I walked to the mail room to get yesterday’s delivery since we never left the house. Tomorrow, I go back to work, so I’m trying to make the most of my time off, the longest stretch of vacation I’ve had since last winter shutdown. And by making the most, I mean doing the least.

I’ve decided not to feel guilty about that. Last month, I wrote about my experience with Reiki and how I was forced to stop moving and just be. Since then, I’ve kept in mind the words left by Asha in reply to that post:

Never underestimate the powers of being still and in the moment. It’s highly underrated, and so very hard to achieve for those of us who are constantly buzzing with activity or nervous energy. I love how you led us to that stillness and your enjoyment of it.

Instead of rushing from place to place, I’ve been playing with Philip, reading books and watching TV. I’ve been laying on the couch and loving it. Being still is powerful.

In recognition of Asha’s thoughtful words, I’ve chosen this as my December comment of the month. She’ll live on at my Couldn’t have said it better page.

Asha is a fantastic writer that I discovered via yeah write. She won their recent writing contest by submitting an outstanding collection of both fiction and nonfiction. You can read her personal essays at Parenting in the Wilderness or indulge in her fiction at FlAsha Tales.  I hope you’ll stop by and leave her a comment or two.

But not right now. It’s okay to take a moment, be still and enjoy the new year.

5 thoughts on “being still and in the moment

  1. Good for you! I started to write a post on New Year’s Eve about “living one day at a time, or in the present moment”. I had to give up. I’ll have to check out your post about Reiki. I’m going there now. Happy 2015!

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