I’m proud that I didn’t punch a single Cub Scout this morning

I’ve been short on photo ops with Philip recently since he spent the first part of the week either throwing up or looking lethargic. He’s been better since Thanksgiving Day, so I was looking forward to taking him to the bonus Home Depot workshop this morning. I thought this would make a good subject for my penultimate NaBloPoMo post. I put the camera in my purse. I actually remembered his apron. I was prepared.

I wasn’t the only one.

A local pack of Cub Scouts had descended upon Home Depot before Peter, Philip and I arrived. The scouts and their parents occupied every single spot around the tables with paint. Other families surrounded the tables with hammers, screwdrivers, and glue. I had never seen so many people at one of the workshops before. If Philip was going to build a Home Depot Store bank, we were going to have to wait our turn.

You might assume that this situation was worse because Philip is autistic. Nope. This was all about me. The bang, bang, bang of hammers was too loud for my ears. The crowds of people made me anxious. And those sweet, innocent Cub Scouts irritated the hell out of me.

They laughed. They darted around. They took their time with their finishing touches. Their parents asked for bags to put the still-drying projects in. They hogged the tables. They were there, causing a backlog of participants and forcing us to wait.

Philip took it in stride. Yes, I know. I could learn a thing or two from him.

While waiting for a spot, we took Philip to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. I didn’t get a chance to get out my camera, but I’m pretty sure that Philip didn’t stand still long enough for a photo anyway. He wasn’t frightened of Santa, but he was much more interested in checking out the ornaments on the Christmas tree than in chatting with Saint Nick. In fact, he took the candy cane that Santa offered and tried to hang it on the tree. The only time he flinched was when Santa jingled some bells. I think the sound was too loud and intense, so Mrs. Claus told her husband to stop. Meanwhile, a store employee was taking pictures, so I’ll find out next week if she was able to capture Philip on film or not.

Eventually, most of the scouts cleared out and other families moved on to paint tables to add color to their banks. We snagged a spot on one end of the tables with tools, but there was no room for me to get photos. Besides, we were in let’s hurry up, finish this and get the hell out of here mode. The adults, that is. Philip was happy to help put nails in holes and assist with the hammer.

I had to wait for my photo-op once we got home. Philip really wanted to be in charge of the camera, which explains the expression on his face.

Philip demonstrating how grumpy I was this morning.

Philip demonstrating how grumpy I was this morning.

I guess he gets it honestly.



4 thoughts on “I’m proud that I didn’t punch a single Cub Scout this morning

  1. Funny post. The best part is his picture. Never mind the picture with Santa. . . The hammer noise x 20(?) at the same time would drive me nuts too. . . I have never taken my kids when they were little to HD for projects. I did take them to Michael’s hobby store many times on Saturdays. They have art classes for $2, not free, and usually not too busy. My kiddos always had a spot. They took their time making their arts and crafts (boat, picture frame . . . ) and nobody was standing behind us waiting. Keep up with doing stuff with your kids. Those are precious years.


    1. The Home Depot workshops aren’t usually this busy, so that caught me off guard. My son’s knowledge of tools has really grown, so these events have been worth it. But I know he would love art classes, too. He pretty much likes anything creative.

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  2. Aw! He’s so cute! I think it’s so funny that our kids can be less bothered and more composed than we are at times. Every time I think of pictures with Santa, I always see in my mind those pictures that I had to take with him or the Easter bunny. I always looked so terrified. Haha!


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