Ten Things of Thankful: NaBloPoMo day 21 edition

It’s that time again for Ten Things of Thankful. Here are the things that I’m thankful to have experienced this week.


1. A nearby library held is quarterly book sale last Saturday. I bought three bags of books for $4.00. Sure, I had to take a Tylenol PM that evening since I strained my shoulder carrying the books, but it was worth it. Our bookshelf is now overflowing.

2. Our local 4-H program offered a free holiday program last Sunday. There were over a dozen different stations offered with different craft projects. Philip had fun and had a chance to be creative.

3. We bought new boots for Philip just in time for the first snowy school day of the year.

holiday fair 009

4. The other night, I listened to Philip giggle himself asleep.

5. I got a 30% off coupon for the drug store just when I needed to go shopping for some essentials. I combined that with a $10 off coupon that I got for completing a survey. Score!

6. I’ve been on a streak of great audiobooks. It’s not just the stories themselves but the performances that I’ve enjoyed. (I’m hoping to write a post this month about some of my favorite readers).

7. I got to attend a professional workshop this week. And they served really tasty brownies for lunch.

8. Because the workshop was held at a location closer to my house than my job, I was able to put Philip on the bus before going and to meet him at the end of his school day.

9. The PTA at Philip’s school had a great fundraiser. They arranged for a truck from the Easter Seals to be parked at the school during conferences. I was able to take the clothes that Philip has outgrown and donate them. The PTA will get paid by the pound. Win-win!

10. Another week of NaBloPoMo is complete. I stepped outside my comfort zone with some fiction and poetry at the beginning of the week. I almost missed Thursday, but Philip brought home a project from school that day that provided a photo op. Whew!


26 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: NaBloPoMo day 21 edition

  1. Glad you got the boots before the snow came. Love the idea of the Easter seals collection vehicle/fundraiser available at conference time. Great idea for the PTA to raise funds. And convenient for purging at home. My children spent many happy times at the 4-H. Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. That PTA fundraiser sounds amazing. That is awesome.

    Brownies for lunch. I am sold.

    Also our library has a shelf of books for a quarter. I check it everytime we go. I almost always find at least one book. This summer I filled a whole shelf and half full of books and paid less than ten bucks for it! BONUS!


    1. I really do need to write that post. I feel bad I can’t remember the performers’ names even though they really make the experience. Lorelai King is amazing as the various characters in the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series.


  3. I love a good book sale and it sounds like you really made out. We had a little cold snap here and I had to buy my a load of new clothes because he’s grown so much. It’s awful because we get so few cold, cold days in Florida that by the time he gets to wear any of the cold weather clothes he’s outgrown them. I hand them down to my grandson which is nice because I’ve never had to buy him anything but underwear and shoes!


  4. Hope you have some really good books in that haul you brought home. Let us know!

    Gotta love delicious brownies for lunch.

    I am horrible about buying boots for my kids. As in I rarely, if ever, buy boots for anyone. Perhaps they’d be more willing to play in the snow if they had boots that fit…


  5. Library sales are my weakness. Brownies for lunch should be a thing! I love the Easter Seals fundraiser idea. What a great way to teach charity.


  6. Um yeah. Books and brownies and discounts and overall awesomeness? Plus, the giggling to sleep. I remember when Tucker did that once when he was so tired and was trying to stay awake and I promise it will forever be one of my very best memories. Ever.


  7. As a former school librarian, I am thankful you have experienced so much joy at yours. I love book sales too. I used to fill in reading material for my school library shopping at them. Great score on the coupon. I try but never seem to get how to do it. 🙂


  8. My hats off to you for doing the Napadsfahera thing that I never remember the acronym. I think that I’d drive myself batty!
    I never get awesome deals like that on books or coupons for that matter! 30% plus 10?! What? I guess I need a better eye and should take advantage of those blasted surveys. We got early snow too which, brace yourself, is odd for my neck of the Canadian woods. We just bought my son a new pair thank goodness. Looks like we got as much as you.
    I hope that you have a great week 🙂


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