the new DVD player

In a moment of panic, I bought a new DVD player in April. It sat on a shelf in our bedroom closet until last Sunday when Peter hooked it up in our living room and popped in We Were Soldiers so we could try it out.

I moved the old DVD player to Philip’s room. That had been the plan back in April when I thought that Philip’s DVD player no longer worked. I had witnessed him pouring juice, milk and water on it in the past, so I wasn’t surprised.

I feared the epic meltdown that would occur should Philip discover he could no longer watch movies in his room. Watching DVDs provided the white noise that lulled him to sleep. Curious George calmed him enough to fall  back to sleep when he woke in the middle of the night. When I realized that the power button on the DVD player no longer responded, I scrambled to find a replacement online. Shortly after I got my order confirmation email, Philip demonstrated that you just have to push “Play” for the device to power up.


Crisis averted, the new DVD player sat in its box. Meanwhile, the power button on Philip’s DVD player miraculously recovered. The machine continued to work even after he popped the front piece off where the disc slides in and out. It kept on going despite the several times he knocked it to his bedroom floor while climbing on top of the TV. In fact, the TV died first.

And it turned out there were no meltdowns. Several weeks passed before we found a $5 used television at a thrift store. By then, Philip was more interested in stringing together the DVDs or spinning them in their cases than he was in watching them. Soon, DVDs were scattered on his floor getting all scratched. Several cracked.

Two weeks ago, his DVD player finally bit the dust. At first the “cannot play disc” message seemed a no-brainer. Of course a disc that had been part of a mobile in Philip’s closet or thrown down the stairs or left under the dining room table wouldn’t play. But every single disc produced an error message and the DVD player made such a horrible grinding noise to get to that display that I realized it had died.

I hope his new used one lasts a while. But I’m not going to panic again if it doesn’t.

NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV_0It’s Day 14 of NaBloPoMo. On deck for tomorrow is a Ten Things of Thankful post, followed by Sunday’s slideshow. I have other post ideas for the month, but invite your suggestions in the comments.

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