lift your heel

Do not be seduced by his blasphemy or forgotten as one of his dozen. Deliver him to us and your name alone shall be remembered by all. In appreciation, here are thirty pieces of silver. Simply seal the deal with a kiss.

13 thoughts on “lift your heel

    1. I had three different titles for this before settling on this one. I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them. It’s from John 13:18 “He that eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me.”


  1. Love this, Cynthia. You make it sound like such a sweet deal. And your title is a great example of how you can flavor your story and add context to a piece.


  2. Not sure that Judas realized what he was signing up for with the way it sounds here! He certainly wasn’t forgotten though. I didn’t get the title reference either until I read your comment. But I’ve also never read the Bible or been to church other than weddings and funerals and such. Clever take on the prompt!

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