Sunday Slideshow: kindergarten photos I didn’t know we had

I don’t know what made me look in the photo album on Philip’s iPad that night. It had been several weeks since I had accessed the folder. Philip’s teacher had sent home a typed note announcing a therapy dog would be visiting the class. A photo was printed on the bottom. A handwritten message added “more photos on his iPad.” I downloaded them and went on with my life. Here they are in case you didn’t see them on The Kindergarten Chronicles page.

But there it was Halloween night. There was something funny displaying on Philip’s iPad when the speech app was opened, so I exited to the home screen. I opened photos on a whim and, lo and behold, I found more pictures of Philip from school! I was super excited and decided to share them in today’s slideshow.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: kindergarten photos I didn’t know we had

  1. is Phillip your son? he’s cccuute!! children are a beautiful blessing. I have a 1 year 3ths old baby girl who we hope to send to school soon. I can’t wait to take photos of her in her school uniform and school bag! hehehehe

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  2. How neat that they send you photos! Is the iPad provided by the school? I’m intrigued by it. Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it in a previous post and I’ve forgotten.


    1. I imagine that even if your child can tell you about his day, you have to rely on his perspective. Photos are a nice way to see a part of his day he might not choose or remember to tell you about.


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