ten things of thankful: NaBloPoMo day 8 edition

You know what I haven’t done in a while? Written a Ten Things of Thankful list. It’s not that I stopped being thankful, it’s that I found myself linking up and leaving. I felt like a heel not visiting the other contributors, especially when others took the time to read my lists and comment. I decided to take a break.

But it’s NaBloPoMo time, which means I’m publishing every day. That means I need thirty ideas for the month, so why not come back to such a great link-up. In no particular order, here are ten things I’m thankful for this week.

1. I got to sleep in my own bed for seven hours straight this week. Twice!

2. A subcommittee that I chair at work came up with a fabulous idea that should help our division run more smoothly. I’m not taking credit for this idea. I’m just thankful I was there to witness it take shape.

3. I got the call from the pediatrician’s office that Philip’s lead level went back down after an increase over the summer. It was frightening to us for it to rise after we moved. We thought we had left behind the source. So glad he’s headed back in the right direction.

4. I’m thankful for health insurance. I received our Explanation of Benefits for Peter’s surgery. Since we had maxed out our out-of-pocket expenses, we owed nothing. It was shocking to see how much the hospital charged versus the discount they offered the insurance company. I have no idea what we would have done if we would have had to pay for it ourselves.

5. Philip’s school picture turned out well. He looks concerned, but not miserable.

6. Philip has been healthier this fall. Despite being in a new school with more kids which could equal more germs, he hasn’t had a sinus infection yet. It seems that we’ve identified the problem as some kind of seasonal allergy. In a corollary, I’m glad we didn’t need testing to figure this out. I remember the skin prick test. I can’t fathom how Philip would handle that.

7. Post-Halloween discount candy. Amirite?

8. Peter could put on his glass for the first time in three weeks. He attempted this after his most recent post-op visit where we found out things are healing as expected.

9. Our neighbor let us know about a great deal on large culvert pipe. We purchased enough for us to enclose our front ditch from a local Amish man. It was at a fraction of the cost that we would have paid at a home improvement store. As a bonus, our neighbor even helped transport it to our house. I guess that makes me thankful for good neighbors, too.

10. I’m thankful NaBloPoMo inspired me to join back in the thankfulness.

Ten Things of Thankful

23 thoughts on “ten things of thankful: NaBloPoMo day 8 edition

  1. CYNK! Its so nice to see you here! I wanna see Phillip’s school pic! love that its concerned not misery… My kids was always messy… I swear I could have bronzed him and he would have found a way to look like a mess!


  2. Welcome back! I’m glad your son’s lead level went back down,but it is disturbing that you thought you had left the problem behind when you moved.Hope you can figure out where it came from!


    1. The first time we realized there was a problem it was month’s before a full inspection was done to find the source. I’m hoping the level continues to go down because any support from the health department will take forever.


  3. Welcome back 😀 I’m glad you’re here with such lovely things to report, and thanks for thinking of this hop for NaNoBloMo. Is it going well for you?

    It’s super that things are going well with your neighbours and with all the health-related things going on. Thank GOODNESS they are! What a relief to have such good insurance.


    1. I’m not quite as organized this year. Of course, last year we were in the process of moving, so I pre-wrote and scheduled a ton of stuff. I’m hoping to work through my drafts folder and finally finish some of these stories that have been sitting there for ages.
      Thanks for the warm welcome back.


  4. Lots of great thankfuls. Medical insurance, yes indeed. And wonderful children and lots of writing and sleeping and bargains and neighbors. Nice to meet you.


  5. After all of the medical issues we had this year, including my own surgery, I’m with you on the thankful for medical insurance!
    Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold.
    Here’s to continued good (and improving) health!


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