Quarried from the earth and etched by its experience, a stone sits in my mouth. I sink my teeth into gritty insights, chew dusty knowledge, learn long-buried secrets.

“Spit that out!”

Mom doesn’t understand. Maybe she should taste the rock’s rough wisdom.

30 thoughts on “thwarted

      1. I remember my son grabbing handfuls of dirt. He kept shoving it in his mouth, I’d scrap it out, he’d make a disgusted face…and do it again. I think you’re right with the sensory seeking.


  1. Oh, yeah, rough wisdom! Perfect.
    My eldest daughter used to put many odd things in her mouth. Snails. Shovelfuls of beach sand. *sigh*


  2. This is fantastic! I love that I am drawn to identify with the child, even though I am constantly saying, “What’s in your mouth? Give it to me.” (One of my daughters is a rock eater. Also a sand eater. Her twin sister is a leaf eater. I try to encourage leaf eating, but rocks are her favorite.)


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