school picture 2014

In my Ten Things of Thankful post on Saturday, I mentioned that we had received Philip’s school picture. Last year he looked grumpy. The year before that, it was obvious he had a cold since you could see his puffy eyes and mouth open because his nose was stuffed up. The year before that he had red-rimmed eyes from crying.

As much as I’d love to see Philip smiling, I still like this year’s photo. I like the way his hands are held up grabbing at his shirt. He doesn’t look like he was crying, but he does seem concerned. What do you think?

PX school picture 2014

3 thoughts on “school picture 2014

  1. Definitely got a bit of concern and a bit of curiosity in his eyes. I like the hands too–school pictures are designed to be formulaic and without a lot of character, but Philip defies that.


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