NaBloPoMo 2014

Every time I came up with an idea of something to post on my blog in October I thought to myself, I’ll save that for NaBloPoMo.

What’s NaBloPoMo? That stands for National Blog Posting Month. It’s the blogging counterpart to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Rather than setting a word count goal, bloggers aim to post something once a day every day in the month of November. I’ve participated for the past two years.

Last month was hectic for me with Peter’s surgery. It seemed like a good idea to save up all those ideas for NaBloPoMo. I figure that if I could post every day last year in the middle of buying and moving into a house, then this year should be a piece of cake!


One of the main reasons I’ve been hoarding ideas is feeling too scattered to craft stories around them. I freeze up not knowing how to organize my thoughts. By committing to a post every day, I’ll worry less about getting it perfect and more about getting it started. In the spirit of Anne Lamott, here’s to shitty first drafts!

Consider yourselves warned.

NaBloPoMo November 2014


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