Sunday Slideshow: Fall Foliage Tour

On the Friday before his surgery, Peter was craving chocolate cake. After figuring out that I live closer to a city than I thought I did, I drove there to find a grocery store. I located a store, but no cake.  However, I did find brownies and a bunch of green signs posted along the road that read “Fall Foliage Tour.” A quick Google search helped me discover that the signs referred to the Medina County Fall Foliage tour, an annual event that started in 1968.

There were nine tour hosts and six points of interests included in this year’s event. Since we had gone on a farm tour the day before, we selected the five closest sites to visit. I didn’t get photos of the newly remodeled Lodi Library or of a Mack’s Food Center, but here are a few of snapshots of our afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Fall Foliage Tour

  1. I’ve loved having a job that lets me see the fall colors this year. Traveling has let me see some massive farms – always neat as a pin. Phillip still has the most beautiful eyes.


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