Sunday Slideshow: Wayne County Farm Tour

The weather last Saturday just couldn’t compare to the beautiful day we spent driving around to visit the sites that were part of the annual Ashland County farm tour. And it turned out that the weather wasn’t the only thing different when Peter, Philip and I completed the Wayne County Farm tour. Let’s just say that our running joke for the afternoon was that there was only one actual farm on the tour.

I can’t recall where I picked up the brochure about last weekend’s drive-it-yourself event, but I do remember is that the inclusion of the produce auction just a few miles from our home is what made me think we should give it a try. We went to the County Line Produce auction once this summer, but I thought it might be neat to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to see on a day without an auction. Well, except the plate of Amish-made peanut butter cookies that I bought.

The second site we toured was probably the most interesting and informative. We’ve driven past the “Winfield Answer Plot” many times, but knew nothing about it. As part of the tour, representatives from Town & Country Co-op answered questions about the research site, plus there were signs along the rows of corn that gave additional background information on the experiments in seeds and fertilizer.

We skipped the saddle club and headed straight for the next business on the tour, Certified Angus Beef. It was a bit too crowded to hear the employees talk about the event center and restaurant. The highlight there was the foam finger they gave to Philip. He played with that thing in the car for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately, his play ended up in destruction once we got home, and I never got to get a photo of him wearing it.

We continued to visit agricultural businesses including a farm equipment supplier and a meat processing plant. We ended our tour at the only farm, a dairy operation. The visit was a disappointment after the well-organized and informative wagon ride at the large dairy farm included on Ashland County’s tour.

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The weather was better and the sites more interesting the next day when we changed counties and drove the Medina County Fall Foliage tour. Next Sunday’s slideshow will feature pictures and details from that event.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Wayne County Farm Tour

  1. It amazes me the number of things you find to do on your weekends. All of them are so interesting and child friendly and so much nicer than the alternative of bored children mixed with bored adults!


    1. We’ve taken it easy the past two weekends since my husband had surgery. Otherwise, I like to have something to do so that my husband doesn’t get bored and to keep Philip from tearing up the house.


  2. Ummm.. is this in new york state? Medina and Wayne County are like 30 minutes from me if it is! ha ha I love driving out in the country during the fall, so beautiful!


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