Sunday Slideshow: Ohio Heritage Days Festival

Last year after completing the county farm tour, we decided that, while we were already in the car, we would continue on to Malabar Farm State Park for the annual Ohio Heritage Days Festival. It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon at the end of September, and we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the nice weather for the free event.

We enjoyed the festival and wanted to attend again this year. However, we learned from our previous experience. Instead of tackling both events on the same day, we did the farm tour on Saturday and visited Malabar Farm on Sunday. By going on Sunday, we were able to arrive as soon as the event began. We were able to park closer to the venue, beat the crowds, and beat the midday heat.

By attending when there were fewer people, we got to see many more vendors and demonstrations. We toured The Big House, home of author Louis Bromfield. We watched wood being carved and wool being dyed.

We also didn’t have to wait in line for Philip to ride a horse. A local trail riding group was back again offering rides by donation. My aunt wasn’t there, but the members still were very accommodating, finding a pony for Philip since he is scared of mounting a regular horse. The only thing I forgot from last year was to leave the camera with Philip, so my photos didn’t turn out so great.


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