Sunday Slideshow: annual drive-it-yourself farm tour

As I type this words, my nose is running because it is so cold. My fingers are slowly thawing. I was outside with Philip to let him burn off some energy. We both wore coats, but the cold wind without any sunshine to warm us cut our time outdoors short.

So now I’m sitting at my desk looking at photos from last Saturday. I see us smiling in short sleeves. I have sunglasses on. It was a bright, pleasant 70 degrees, perfect weather for driving with the windows down in late September. We took advantage of the beautiful day by visiting agricultural sites near Loudonville, Ohio as the part of the annual Farm Bureau Drive-it-Yourself Tour.

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I’m not sure if I can single a highlight from the tour. The wagon tour at the final site, Ayers Dairy Farm, was outstanding. The ice cream I bought on our way out wasn’t too shabby either. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Mowery Cider Mill, but it was a bit too crowded for my taste. Of course, the crowd is why we had the chance to see Philip’s speech therapist from preschool. Peter didn’t like the antiseptic smell of Byland Veterinary Clinic, so our pace through the exam rooms and surgery area was faster than I would have liked. Philip didn’t care because they had balloons everywhere and he was given one.

In addition to the half-gallon of cider we bought, we brought home another souvenir. A coworker had told me that the Goodwill Store in Loudonville was especially clean and well-organized. As we drove from Wooden Nickle Farm to the vet clinic, I spied the thrift shop on our left. We stopped and found a television for $5.00. We were in the market for a replacement in Philip’s room after he knocked his old one over one too many times.


Unlike this weekend, when I just saw my first glimpse of snow, last weekend was great. You can expect to see more photos in next Sunday’s Slideshow as I share pics from our return visit to another annual event.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: annual drive-it-yourself farm tour

  1. Snow. Snow? Really? In October? I was just celebrating the drop from the mid-nineties to normal temps of 75. I’m so sorry.


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