leaping lizards

Somehow September was almost over when I realized that I had missed August. Okay, I didn’t actually miss August, but I forgot to select a comment of the month. By the time I found the words of wisdom that I couldn’t have said better, I was embarrassed by how long it took me to acknowledge the reader who wrote them. So, what did I do? Did I belatedly compose a post honoring her? Nope. I quietly added her words to the featured page and didn’t even Tweet a thank  you.

And now it’s the beginning of October. I decided to be on top of things, pick the September comment of the month early, and get the post acknowledging my pick published sooner rather than later. And absolutely sooner rather than never.

Then I realized this is my blog and I make the rules. Nothing is stopping me from acknowledging TWO lovely readers for their responses.


The night before Philip started kindergarten, I freaked out. I was a nervous wreck. So I wrote about my fears and worries. Kristin Wald, blogger at that unique* weblog and fellow mother, calmed me with her response to “We did not attend the preschool open house”

It feels a bit like a bungee jump, right? Wait…wait…wait…and then you decide if you’re going to LEAP or fall into it. Either way the fall is at the same speed and with the same result. Fingers crossed for a gentle beginning!

Click on the image to make a donation

Click on the image to make a donation

See what I mean? This is why I picked her words as my August Comment of the Month. Sorry for the late recognition, Kristin. You all can make me look better by stopping by her blog. I recommend her “Glad I Saw It” series. I’ve been meaning to steal the idea from her and use it on my blog.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the blogging that Kristin does about social issues. She writes as a passionate supporter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and is currently part of the #PurplePurseTeam, a group raising awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence.


Today, I got my formal rejection letter from a department I interviewed with last month. I had already known I wasn’t chosen when human resources sent me a form letter. This recent letter wasn’t as painful as the first once had been, the one that prompted me to write “nothing to lose.”

A former coworker and dear friend of mine, Kathleen, read the post and had this to say:

We always lose a little – self worth, pride, confidence. But all of those things are like the lizard’s tail. They grow back with the love and encouragement of family and friends! (Better than the lizard, really, ’cause he has to do it all by himself!)

Kathleen and I used to teach together. I probably learned as much from her if not more than the birdsstudents did. It seemed fitting to recognize her continuing wisdom by choosing this as my September Comment of the Month.

I was excited to discover that Kathleen started her own blog, acasualglance, to share her experiences traveling in an RV with her husband, Tom. If you enjoy reading her blog, I also recommend you pick up her book, Birds, Bats & Baling Wire, a collection of stories about her family’s time running a ranch in the Cascade Mountains.

A big thank you to both Kristin and Kathleen for reading my stories and taking the time to comment.


6 thoughts on “leaping lizards

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I do believe we learned a lot from each other and the kids benefitted from our shared knowledge. Mostly, though, we had FUN together!!

    Your blog has made me think a lot about children’s perception of the world and how we as adults react to that view from our own fears and biases. I had a wonderful world religion class in seminary where the professor helped us understand the arrogance of presuming that our world view is the only one and all others are wrong. You are being the “professor” through your blog! Again, many thanks. K


    1. I often think about what a better teacher I could have been if I had had this mothering experience first. But the catch is that, without the teaching experience, I might not have made the same choices as a mother.
      I do think we had great fun, and I miss those times. I hope we can get together again when you are over on this side of the country.


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