Sunday Slideshow: Buckeye Iron Will Tractor Show

Last Sunday afternoon, Peter, Philip, and I went to the 17th Annual Tractor & Gas Engine Show presented by the Buckeye Iron Will Club. I had seen an advertisement for the event when we attended another antique tractor event this summer. We got there shortly before the final event, a parade of participants. Rather than stay for the parade in the hot sun, we watched as owners loaded up and lined up their tractors and then we headed home.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Buckeye Iron Will Tractor Show

  1. Love these tractors. Every November the tiny town of Bostwick has a huge tractor parade as part of their Cotton Gin Festival. The town’s cotton gin still works. That Saturday morning all across the county, tractors crawl over there for the parade. Too fun.


  2. I recently went to a small, local fair and went to the tractor pull. I didn’t get it at all! But the men sure seemed proud of their tractors and those that pulled the farthest were thrilled. To each his own, right? But they weren’t nearly as pretty as some of the tractors you saw, that’s for sure.


    1. My husband and I are both fans of tractor pulling, but not all events are created equal. The people who participate in the sanctioned pulls often have named and decorated their tractors. Those are fun to watch.


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