Sunday Slideshow: deconstruction

Philip’s homework project for Thursday evening was an “All About Me” bag. I was supposed to help him find an item to place in the bag that represented something that he loves and that makes him special.

I was stumped until Philip asked me for tape. He was adding on to one of his “books.” Philip loves to take scrap paper, write and draw on it, then assemble the pieces together into a book. Sometimes he tapes the pages together. Other times, he staples them. I found one that he had discarded under his desk and put this in his bag. It featured pictures of balloons, stick figures, and numbers. I thought this showed his love of making things.

Unfortunately, Philip not only enjoys building and creating things, he likes to deconstruct them, too. And that just doesn’t fit in a bag.

Before we moved into our house, we had designated the basement space as the play room. Philip truly has made it his own. Lately, this has involved upending boxes and overturning shelves. I have him help me put things back where they belong, but find them in disarray by the next day.

Honestly, you just have to see it for yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: deconstruction

  1. I LOVE it! There’s nothing like having snapshots of how they see world. I want to save everything they create. I’m glad you’ve been able to isolate the “mess”. My grandbabies seem to be against being contained, so I’m constantly stepping on Legos and Hot Wheels.


  2. Such an interesting thought, deconstruction. Could it be a part of the creative process? I sometimes have to rip a piece of writing, a knitting project, a flower garden apart before I can dwell on it for a while and then create an end product that is more satisfying to me than the original..


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