Sunday Slideshow: 6th Annual Home Depot Car Show

On Saturday morning, Peter, Philip and I went to the annual car show at our local Home Depot. Unlike last year, my camera’s batteries were fully charged for the event.

Having my camera ready wasn’t the only lesson learned. This year, we went early to avoid the crowds. This meant we had a table to ourselves at the bonus kids’ workshop. Remembering how long it took the paint to dry last summer, this year we didn’t try to paint the already red car. Philip didn’t seem to mind not painting since he participated in the assembly of the car this year. Last year, a buzzing fly distracted him.

Since we were some of the first to arrive for the workshop, Philip had the race ramp all to himself. In addition to starting at the top of the ramp, Philip was free to try to get the car to go uphill. We let Philip play for quite a while before going off to look at the cars. Before doing that, though, Philip picked out a free gift donated by a local business. There were water pistols and Frisbees, but Philip opted for a Tinkerbell night light. I was thrilled that he chose something practical.

Philip held on to the night light as we walked around the cars on display. The temperatures were starting to rise, so we left, passing several classic cars on their way to the show.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: 6th Annual Home Depot Car Show

  1. A nightlight is such a good choice – we had water pistols briefly when I was a kid and I think we had a frisbee too but I can’t remember using either of them more than once or twice! I’d have liked a nightlight though. These days I need total darkness to sleep, but as a kid I was terrified of the dark. It must be great to see how Philip is growing up by going back to the same event and seeing him get more out of it each time 🙂

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    1. One of our nightlights stopped working, so I really appreciated have a spare!
      I also agree with your comment about repeating events. It is interesting to compare our experiences from one year to the next.


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