not-so-instant lunch


Requested, we race against patience:

I fill saucepan with water. Husband tosses Ramen in unwatched pot. I blow on cooked noodles so they don’t scald.

The bowl is hurled aside.

Three minutes was too long for our finicky son to wait.

20 thoughts on “not-so-instant lunch

  1. I really enjoy the layout of your blog, and the simple, straight to the point writing! I have just followed and am really looking forward to more posts. If you would like, I’d really appreciate a follow back so you can get to know what I’m about. I look forward to a good blogging relationship! Cheers!


  2. When my oldest daughter was a preschooler she and I would have some Saturdays together while Mom worked. She always wanted “wiggly noodle soup” for lunch, and popcorn. Sometimes that is exactly what we would have and I would admonish her not to tell her mother what she had for lunch that day.
    She always gave it up though, leaving me in the doghouse. I’m glad to hear that “wiggly noodles” are still hip… assuming you get them quickly enough!
    Nice job Cyn. Memories have been invoked. Thanks for that.


  3. Ah, frustration! This is a wonderful line: “Requested, we race against patience.” I loved it so much I almost missed how neatly you had tucked in the prompt, there. 🙂


  4. Such a great metaphor for the bigger issues having to do with patience — on both sides — and how patience equals love. Nicely done, Cyn.


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