Sunday Slideshow: Frog Jump Festival

I recently had a birthday, a fact I leveraged to convince Peter we should all go to the 53rd Annual Valley City Frog Jump Festival last Sunday at Mill Stream Park.

Frog jumping – that’s funny, am I right? Well, the folks in Valley City take it quite seriously. Spectators set up tents and bring their own lawn chairs and refreshments. I saw dozens of people carrying five gallon buckets and other containers in which they had brought their own frogs. The late morning sun was so hot, I was wishing I had my own tent – or else my own bucket of water to dunk my head in.

Since the beautiful sunshine was hot, we only stayed an hour. In that time, we focused mainly on entertaining Philip. First, Philip explored the PNC “Grow Up Great” mobile learning center. Then after checking out the other vendors and displays, we found a spot along the fence to watch frogs. Finally, we splurged on tickets so that Philip could jump – in a bounce house.

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A big thank you to Kristian Campana of His review gave me the info I needed to convince my reluctant hubby to go.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Frog Jump Festival

  1. I grew up near there. My great-grandparents are buried there.
    If you liked the frog-jumping, bundle up on March 17 and go to Hinckley, Ohio to welcome the return of the turkey buzzard. (Winters are long. By March, everyone needs to get out and celebrate something. And there is a pancake breakfast involved.)


    1. Both Philip and I were sick during the buzzard weekend this past March. I’ve been wanting to go and hope we’ll be healthy for the next week. We even missed the mini-event hosted by our HOA when the flock (?) of turkey buzzards that lives on the island in the lake here returned. Philip loves watching them fly and float over our house.


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