“now we partner more”

Last Sunday while outdoors with Philip, I had plenty of time to think. All that thinking led me to write “there is no Nobel Prize for motherhood.” As I explained in my post, it is risky to read when I’m outside with Philip. I also mentioned how Philip doesn’t always want my help as he plays.

One of my readers left a helpful suggestion. Cyn and I not only have a name in common (high-five!), but we are both raising autistic sons:


July 31, 2014 at 7:02 pm 

Well written Cyn:) when my boy has a project he doesn’t trust anyone to be his assistant 😉 I learned at MORE THAN WORDS to just sit near and observe but then take similar stuff that he’s playing with and do my own thing. Take a peek and see if he’s watching and just keep doing my thing. It took a few days but then every time I did my thing he’d interrupt me and attempt to change what I was doing which is okay. He brought me into his play but on his terms. Maybe next time he will trust me to copy what I’m doing or like what I’m doing and try:) it’s taken a while but now we partner more..

Cyn’s son, “Johnny,” is just a couple of years older than Philip. I find it very helpful to read Cyn’s blog, Everything Under the Sun, and pick up advice for how to handle situations. Some of her experiences with the educational system in Canada are different, but I still learn so much by reading her posts. And, it turns out, I learn when she comments on mine. That’s why I have chosen Cyn as my July 2014 Comment of the Month. Her advice will live on at my “Couldn’t Have Said it Better” page, too.

Art by Sunflowercyn's son, Johnny, at Everything Under The Sun

Art by Sunflowercyn’s son, Johnny, at Everything Under The Sun

Please stop by Everything Under the Sun to get more wisdom from Cyn. She tweets as @sunflowercyn.

2 thoughts on ““now we partner more”

  1. Thank you Cyn *hugs* As you know I am always glad to share any experiences if it can help. Some of the best advice or help seems to have come from accidental moments from just chatting with other Mom’s. What I like about blogging is being able to connect with so many other Mom’s (or Dad’s) on a similar journey or Autistics who are sharing from their point of view what life is like. I don’t always get the chance to meet up in person when I’m out at the park etc and its something I wish would change. Thank you again picking my “little ole comment’ as your comment of the month and adding it to our “Couldn’t Have Said it Better” page.

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