You do the math. Philip will be doing art.

I miscalculated.

I opened an heretofore unnoticed closet in Philip’s presence. He tallied its artistic contents within a fraction of a second.

An expanse of basement wall plus thirty minutes of his parents’ divided attention equaled a masterpiece signed in permanent marker.

marker on wall

as yet untitled

Uh, yes it was.

Uh, yes it was.

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37 thoughts on “You do the math. Philip will be doing art.

  1. Kids have the most amazing way of filling in all of our blank spaces, literally and metaphorically. Shaking my head and waiting for my own son’s next permanent addition to our home (or heart). 🙂


  2. This is totally what happened to my brothers and I when we were kids. One second my mother was watching us eat cereal, next thing you know, there’s oatmeal and banana goo all over the walls and we’ve run away to avoid conflict. Kids are funny. Sometimes.


  3. That last picture with the t-shirt and the caption made me laugh.

    Really liked this one.


      1. “You see the message as he flees the scenes of his crimes.” Lol. Big smile. Ha. 🙂


  4. This is great….and the photo of him in that shirt when it most certainly WAS him that took the permanent marker to the wall….hilarious. There’s nothing more interesting than raising boys 🙂


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