Sunday Slideshow: tie-dyed fun

Last Saturday, our local library had an activity booth at the annual firefighters’ festival. After some bounce house fun, I took Philip over for his first experience with tie-dye.

Five minutes of bouncing + warm temps = suitably subdued child ready for tie-dying

Five minutes of bouncing + warm temps = suitably subdued child ready for tie-dying

I dressed Philip in his grubbiest clothes in anticipation of a big mess. The table was full of other participants when we arrived, so Philip and I sat in some folding chairs to wait. Philip did so patiently.

Once we found an empty seat at the table, the library volunteer who leads the monthly make-it-take-it sessions helped us with the project. She brought over a square of white fabric and offered us rubber bands. I opted to have the cloth lay flat rather than bundling it. I assumed Philip would prefer to see what was happening with the dyes. Also, I envisioned less mess.

Later that evening, I wrote the following on Facebook:

Filed under “I know I shouldn’t compare my son to other kids, but . . .”
I took Philip to a tie-dye activity and he was NOT the messiest child there. And neither was I!

I wasn’t crazy enough to have my hands occupied with a camera while Philip had a bottle of fabric dye in his hands, so I have no proof of this triumph. Our fingers were temporarily stained, but our clothes survived unscathed.

For your viewing pleasure, I took pictures of Philip playing with the finish product this week. First, he taped it to the screen so that the cool breeze could put it in motion. After that, he took it down and replaced wind power with kid power.

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