Sunday Slideshow: an unlikely site for a playground

The house we bought is located out in the country. Even with GPS, it is a challenge to get here because we live in a gated community. Technology sends drivers via the shortest route, but visitors cannot access the property that way. Trying to explain how to get here from the interstate (“turn right on this road that then changes names as you cross county lines”) to my sisters-in-law who live in the suburbs of Cleveland is just not worth it.

Last Sunday, Peter’s sisters came to visit, so I met them at a gas station just off the interstate so that they could follow me home. I left the house early to run some errands with Philip. While awaiting their call that they were almost here, I took Philip to an outlet mall. No, we weren’t shopping. I remembered that the last time I had been shopping at this mall that there was a playground. This mall has a train station theme made complete by a locomotive that runs a circuit around the stores. They offer a birthday party package hence the playground. The best part? That playground is fenced in.

Here are some photos I took as Philip enjoyed climbing, sliding, and running.

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