Dublin pub crawl

A pint may be a pint, but I want the full cultural experience.

I’m leaving you Yanks to your no-different-than-Applebee’s and would-be-underage-if-we-were-in-America drinking to find a pub with live Irish music.


A study abroad vignette in response to this week’s Ultimate Question:

Is something crawling on me? 

32 thoughts on “Dublin pub crawl

    1. I was miffed at these traveling companions because they didn’t want to tour the Guinness Factory. I don’t even like beer (make my pint a cider), and I thought we should go. I stupidly stuck with them rather than going myself. It shaped the rest of my travels.


      1. I went to the Guinness Storehouse. It was changed since they used to do the factory tours and more like a museum. It was pretty cool, but I liked going to little pubs better. I got to learn to pour a “perfect pint.”


      1. Last pub crawl I did was down Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.
        One bar, one drink.
        After three blocks, we were a little more choosy.
        Took two days for the hangover to clear.

        Good times…


    1. I’m so literal-minded that I was determined not to go with the obvious this week. Since I have no personal experience with an army crawl, pub crawl it was! Glad you enjoyed it.


  1. After a few dark pieces in a row, this was refreshing (see what I did there?). And I’d swear my friend actually said this to us when we were studying in Ireland. Thanks for bringing that memory back to me.


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