Sunday Slideshow: that’s the way to the zoo

That’s the way to the zoo
That’s the way to the zoo
The monkey house is nearly full
But there’s room enough for you

My brother and I agreed on this: it was better to be walking in the rain at the zoo than to be at work.

We had both taken Monday off from our respective jobs. My brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces joined Philip and me on a preschool field trip to the Columbus Zoo.  My brother’s family has a membership, so they are at the zoo quite frequently. I told my sister-in-law she could serve as a walking, breathing map for us. Not only did Philip and I benefit from their familiarity with the layout, since they can go any time they like, the visit was built around what Philip would like to see.

We could also allow Philip to linger as long as he wanted. This was made easier by the fact that it began to rain once we arrived. This kept the crowds away. The rain continued through lunch. We were giddy when the sun made an appearance.

Philip enjoyed anything that had water. If a moat with waterfall was part of an animal’s habitat, that’s what Philip looked at. Instead of looking at the polar bears, Philip watched the fish swimming in the water provided for them.

Unlike our first trip to the zoo last summer, Philip seemed to get what to do. He walked up to the displays to find the creatures within. The cool weather meant many of the animals were active, so Philip could easily spot them.


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