Sunday Slideshow: decked out for spring

Remember the door to nowhere?

That door is completely useless.

That door is completely useless.

The Wednesday of Philip’s spring break, our contractor delivered lumber and dug the first post holes. By Thursday, the posts were inspected and approved and half of the flooring was in place. By Friday, work had begun on the railing. On the following Monday, we had a finished deck. Philip “help” throughout. For example, when they were digging the holes, he kept trying to put the dirt back in. And then when they were ready to fill in around the posts, Philip was no longer interested in moving dirt.

As soon as the stairs were in place, Philip spent most of his time going up and down them. It made me nervous when the railings weren’t yet in place, but not as nervous as watching him climb the work men’s ladders.

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We can finally use our back door. Of course, the deck was looking bare so last Sunday, Peter and I built a picnic table for the new deck. I didn’t think we could make it ourselves, but Peter proved me wrong. Now I have a place to sit down and enjoy the view. On Tuesday evening, we all gathered on the deck to watch birds fly overhead. Philip loved it.

I made this!

I built that!

Showing off the new deck at the yeah write #165 weekend moonshine grid.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: decked out for spring

  1. Wow, I’m impressed…you are so industrious!! I can’t build anything. Your son is hilarious and very, very busy. Who needs electronics when you have a ladder and a new set of stairs to play on? Looks like a fun weekend for your family!


    1. I was looking online to see how much it would cost to buy a patio set. Meanwhile, the real industrious member of the family, my husband, was measuring boards and going next door to check out the neighbor’s picnic table.


  2. Wow, you make me feel a bit lazy with the quick completion of a deck and a picnic table for it. Maybe I should think about weeding my flower gardens to make myself feel better.


    1. We’ve been waiting five months for the deck. We had to have a contractor do that work as part of our loan package, so I can’t take any credit for that.
      As for the picnic table, my husband does believe in waiting. Once he puts his mind to something, it’s getting done.


  3. Wow great job. I want one… Next year maybe.. But something about a door to nowhere makes me smile.. but not when you have children.. enjoy your new outdoor living space… Summer fun and BBQ’s await…


  4. Well… good for you! Nice work on your picnic table, and a perfect thing to post for Moonshine. They did a nice job on the deck and now you can use that door! What wood was used on the deck?


  5. Nice job. Love the picnic table, the deck and the view! We just built a deck this summer as well and I spend every moment I can sitting out there. I love it.

    That door…before the deck was built…what the hell was that all about???


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