A tribute too late

A construction paper circle covered the clock in her classroom: “Time passes. Will you?”

The challenge represented everything I admired about her: demanding yet witty. She inspired me to teach.

Five years in, I hadn’t said thanks. Her heart stopped, she passed.

This week’s Ultimate Question: Have all your clocks stopped?

36 thoughts on “A tribute too late

  1. she knew of course. A mentor normally does, that they are changing the way you think, act, feel, live.

    telling her would have given your heart a beat and for that I empathize, but her heart..knew.

    lovely, lovely write.


  2. Let that be a reminder to all of us to speak softly, with love and acknowledge our gratitude to those, when we can, who have helped us along the way. It is one of those pass it on things.


  3. This reminds me of a very similar story of mine. I will have to put it in my list of posts so I can share it with you. Cynk, you are such a great writer!


  4. Great piece. What a blessing to have such a mentor. I see a teacher I had around town some times and I always get the urge to tell her what she did for me and how much I appreciate it.


  5. Wonderfully touching. I love the detail about the construction paper over the clock, and the fact that this prompt inspired a memory like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  6. Blown away by this. I’m fighting back tears–but they are winning. I just learned that my favorite high school English teacher fought cancer twice. There’s an essay I wrote and never turned in…the only B I ever earned in English. It’s 26 years late but I often think of sending it to her anyway.


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