Sunday Slideshow: The Easter Egg Hunt that wasn’t

The Easter Bunny frightened Philip. That was the reason we went outside.

We had arrived at the lodge promptly at nine o’clock as advertised on the signs. We had registered for the community Easter egg hunt and then eaten our pancakes (me) and sausage links (Philip). We lingered at the table waiting for the hunt to begin, but Philip grabbed me by the hand after several minutes. We took our tray to discard the remains of our breakfast. That’s when Philip spotted the Easter bunny. He stood rigid, unable to look away, but not wanting to go any closer. Finally, he could take the sight of the costumed stranger no more and led me out the door.

Other parents and children were gathered out front waiting for the hunt to begin. A brief announcement by volunteers had given them hope that  it would start soon. Philip wasn’t interested. He was leading me to the car.

I convinced him to take a walk with me. The last time we were at the lodge had been before Christmas, so I had not explored the area around it. I noticed a playground, so I led Philip there.

Philip dashed from one spot to another, checking out all of the equipment. I couldn’t figure out why the other parents just stood waiting with their kids. I suppose they were afraid they would miss the start of the egg hunt.

The air was chilly coming off the lake, but the sun was bright. Still, I didn’t want Philip to get sick, so I announced, “One more time down the slide.” Up the ladder and down the slide he went, then he ran off toward the car. I caught up with him before he reached the parking lot. The other families were still waiting in front of the lodge, but Philip and I had other things to do. The library awaited and then a lazy day of not competing with others over plastic eggs.

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Our only souvenir from the egg hunt that wasn't

Our only souvenir from the egg hunt that wasn’t

11 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: The Easter Egg Hunt that wasn’t

  1. You made a great story out of a non-event. I particularly liked the first line. How could a person not read on? I also liked the fact that you’re raising a son who prefers libraries over treats. A wonderful blog to read on Easter morning.


    1. He knows when he is done, so there was no point in forcing him to stay. Plus, they had his favorite puzzle at the library, the one that makes sounds every time you pick up a piece. Every. time.


  2. Reblogged this on adimasbayu and commented:
    Jangan pernah terlena dengan dunia yang penuh kemunafikan ini…
    tapi jadilah agen perubahan dengan 4 M :
    1. mulai dari hal yang terkecil
    2. mulai dari diri anda
    3. mulai dari yang anda tahu
    4. mulai dari sekarang
    niscaya dunia ini akan berubah 180 derajat sesuai dengan yang anda inginkan.


  3. I’m glad Phillip found his own fun and you followed his lead:) We had some ups and downs yesterday too. My son loves the plastic eggs and wanted to participate in the hunt but the big crowd of kids were making him anxious and I decided to pull the plug. I was concerned for my little girl too…seemed to much craziness. Thankfully the farm had 4 Easter Egg stations where a person was handing out a plastic egg and some candy after the child participated in the easter craft and finding the stations became like a treasure hunt. This was right up his alley 🙂 Happy Easter:)


      1. I have to say it is VERY challenging trying to juggle my little girl’s expectations of Easter and my son’s ability to handle those expectations. I am glad there was an alternative. But then again I learned another lesson…if there are amusement park rides for kiddies there…put him on something that spins etc and all is right in the world:) Sigh.


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