Never mind, I’ll find someone like you

I friended her on Facebook. Well, not me, but a woman she’s afraid to admit she’s forgotten. I like this and comment on that, further insinuating myself in her life. A few more dumpster dives and I’ll soon have my new life.

The yeah write #157 gargleblaster requires exactly forty-two words in response to this question:

Have you seen her much? 

44 thoughts on “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you

  1. This is really creepy – and makes me thankful I’ve never used Facebook! (I guess I’m afraid of the portal that brings the past to the present, and sets up the scene for stalking life stealers 🙂 )


    1. As with everywhere on the internet, you never really know who is there. Between fake accounts or even creating a facade for a real person, you can’t always trust what you see or read.


  2. oh wow. (In fact when I read it the first time , I thought it would be “soon I’ll have my new wife” and then I read it again and thought…yep, life works too.
    Creepy yes, the word insinuating works well to capture the action and the feelings.


    1. I imagine that some guy could stalk a woman on Facebook that he then uses to woo her. Actually, there are many horrible things that could result from not being picky from who you friend on Facebook.


  3. Actually, now that I’ve read the other submissions, I REALLY like yours! Great job, you should definitely keep writing fiction, Cynk!


  4. Woah, I love where you went with this! Though now I’m a little afraid of you. 😉 What a brilliant way to use the prompt. This is your first fiction post?? You need to do more!


    1. I was worried that, after I went around telling people that I only do non-fiction, that someone would think this was autobiographical. First clue this was fiction: if I dove in a dumpster, I probably couldn’t pull myself back out.


      1. Well, I use it. I just don’t socialise on it. I had an account in my childhood name (before I changed it) and I got a bit tired of people from my very distant past wanting to reconnect. It seemed a bit unhealthy really. Not to mention that there were people from my past I really wasn’t keen to reconnect with.


  5. It is awful how many stalkers are there in real life and you have brought out that real fear so explosively in just 42 words!Unless one is careful id thefts can strip you of more than you can afford to lose-awesome take!


  6. Very creative! Unsettling too. I have a few Facebook “friends” that I can’t clearly remember–it’s very creepy to think that a scam could be underway.


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