UN International Day of Happiness

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Were you happy today?

What made you smile or laugh? What picked you up when you were feeling down?

Did you make someone else happy? What did you do for that person? How did it make you feel?

happy day

Today was the United Nations International Day of Happiness. During my free time today, I shared posts from my archives that featured happy pictures or happy anecdotes. I tweeted other people’s stories that spoke about finding happiness or being happy. I added happy images to my #100happydays board on Pinterest. I created my own “Acts of Happiness” badge.


I don’t know whether these actions made anyone else happy, but I know that they stopped me from thinking about how cold it is for the first day of spring. They distracted me from wishing I had some extra sick days so I can fully recover from my sinus infection. They made me smile when I could have easily frowned.

Some days, depression wins. Not today. Even though I can’t control what happens to me, I can choose how I react. Today, I chose to be happy.

It’s hard not to smile when looking at pictures like these. Go ahead: I dare you not to be happy.

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Continuing the happiness into the weekend on the Yeah Write #153 Moonshine Grid.

23 thoughts on “UN International Day of Happiness

  1. I’m happy that it didn’t snow today. I’m happy that the temperature went above 50 degrees. Your comment prompt makes me smile 🙂 Mine is not easy to change. It requires writing code. If I could figure that out, I’d be really happy. For now, it just says: Leave a Reply. Ugh. But, otherwise, I am happy with my theme (I’ve only been using it a few weeks).


    1. It snowed here, but then melted by noon. And, while the temps didn’t get into the fifties as predicted, it was warm enough to take my son and dog for a walk. That’s the first walk this year!
      As for your reply prompt, you make me happy that I don’t self-host.


  2. The more often I choose to be happy, the easier it is to get happy after choosing it. If that makes sense. Like today. I chose it. It wasn’t easy, but I’m getting there.


  3. Aw your little boy’s smile is contagious and makes me happy. Today, I took my son to a favorite playground and that made me happy. His giggles and requests to chase him faster made me happy. Thanks for the reminder that some days, it’s really a choice.


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