Sunday Slideshow: A Young People’s Concert

On Saturday afternoon, Philip and I attended the local orchestra’s family friendly event. The theme for this year’s young people’s concert was “Stars and Planets: A Musical Journey Through Space and Beyond.”

Learning from our experience last year, I didn’t arrive quite as early so that we wouldn’t have so much time to kill before the concert. We still had plenty of time to participant in the pre-concert activities. Since the lobby was crowded, I didn’t get photos of everything.

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The local library set up a table with space-themed books. There was an information table/display courtesy of NASA Glenn Research Center. There was also an instrument petting zoo, but the lines were long, so we skipped that. Instead, we focused on the two craft projects. The first involved decorating a paper plate with water colors or crayons. The plate was then cut in a spiral and added to a large backdrop to serve as one of the stars in a recreation of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” I worried Philip would get upset handing this over, but he didn’t seem to mind. He then spent quite some time on the second project: decorating a paper plate tambourine.

By the time Philip finished being artistic, the doors were open to the auditorium. We found great seats fifteen minutes before the concert. I made sure we were at the end of an aisle so we could make an escape if needed. Fortunately, it was not. Philip sat in his own seat  for over half the concert, including performances of “Mars” and “Jupiter” from The Planets by Gustav Holst and the fourth movement of Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony No. 4. He stood up during two pieces, sat in my lap for another two, and then stayed in his seat for the finale, music from Star Wars by John Williams.

Considering that Philip’s allergies had him sniffling, I thought he did a great job. There were other kids running around or making noise. Philip was quiet in comparison. I gave him a pipe cleaner as a fidget. He bent it into a shape and then moved it along with several of the pieces. When he was bored with it, he handed it back to me. He vocalized a few times, but it was no worse than the crying babies. I did have to stop him from kicking the seat in front of us so as not to bother the other concert goers seated in the row ahead.

I hope I can find other opportunities for Philip to hear live music. This event is great because it is offered free of charge to the community. Plus, the program was designed with children in mind. The music was of the highest quality, but with attention paid to its pacing.

I can’t wait to take Philip again next year.

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