Ten Things of Thankful #38

Two weeks ago, high winds knocked three sets of shingles off of our roof. At the same time, a knocking noise revealed that the gutter had started to come loose from the front of our house. We discovered that our extension ladder was too short to reach the roof, so Peter could fix neither problem. He also became concerned that our shingles were bad so we would soon need to replace the entire roof. Oh, and while we were trying to set up the slightly too short ladder in the wind, I cut my finger.

Did I mention that I later knocked the clock off the wall and broke it?

It made for a crappy day.

We were quite stressed out that we had no way to fix these problems. Fortunately, the contractor who will be building the deck onto the back of our house to correct the door to nowhere issue said he could come take care of it. He promised he would be out some time last week.

By last Friday, he still had not arrived. I called and he said maybe he would be there Monday. When I mentioned Winter Storm Titan, he offered to come on Saturday.

And then he forgot.

But my call to him early Saturday afternoon was the reminder he needed. He arrived with one of his employees. I’m thankful that he came on Saturday and that he quickly replaced the errant shingles and tightened the spouting. That’s the first thing of thankful for this week’s list of ten.

Ten Things of Thankful

2. I’m thankful that, while he was up on the roof, he determined that the shingles should be good for another ten years.

3. I’m thankful that Philip had a good time at the Dr. Seuss Family Fun Night last Saturday.

A good time was had by all

A good time was had by all

4. I’m thankful I had nowhere to be on Sunday, so I could lounge around in my sweatpants most of the day.

5. I thankful that I was able to shovel the entire driveway on Sunday afternoon without giving into laziness. And then I could go back to lounging in my sweatpants.

6. I’m thankful that the ice storm bypassed us on Sunday night. I’m sorry for those of you affected by it.

7. I’m thankful for another shot at jury duty. I received another summons this week. I’ll call in on Monday evening to find out if it’s canceled again or if I get a chance to gather some blog fodder serve my civic duty.

8. I’m thankful to be included in this “Blogs that I Love” post over at Diary of a Doting Mom.

9. I’m thankful I found a replacement clock for the one I knocked off the wall two weeks ago. It’s a huge, battery-operated, non-digital clock. And it was cheap!

10. I thankful that it was sunny and warmer this Friday. Even if the weather is nice for one day, it sure beats the cold and gloom that’s been around this winter. I’ll take one day over no days.

What are you thankful for today? Share in the comments or write your own post and link up!

27 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #38

    1. I was selected for the jury duty pool twice before: once when I was in college and again after I had moved out of state. I got out of it both times and thought I had dodged a bullet. Now I’m looking forward to the chance to serve.


  1. I am also thankful the storm passed us by on Monday and it supposed to be sunny and in the 50s tomorrow here for us, too. Such a welcome change after this crazy winter we have indeed had. Have a great weekend now and fingers crossed for spring now 🙂


    1. I know what you mean by crazy. It was beautiful on Friday and then snowing again by Saturday afternoon. And today it’s warm enough to melt it all. Except for the remains of the huge piles from January. Oh, and I here it will snow again later this week.


  2. That is a beautiful list! There’s a lot to be said for clocks we love! I was just thinking about the one my mother has, it belonged to her mother who is no longer with us, and I am the designated “updater of time” when we have our daylight savings adjustments. It’s a great clock, so I know what you mean. Also, Dr. Suess, we’re big fans!
    And SO MUCH with the weather, yesterday was lovely in Chicago, and today it’s snowing. We’re all okay though, because YESTERDAY! hahaha and also it doesn’t look like we’ll have anymore -50 degree days this winter. Probably. Hopefully!


  3. We had shingles lifted up two weeks ago from the wind, too. The insurance adjuster said our deductible was higher than it would cost to get them fixed. Coincidentally, the contractor he recommended is the dad of one of my preschoolers, so hopefully he will be kind to us on the price! Philip makes a VERY CUTE Cat in the Hat. And I’m REALLY looking forward to hearing what happens with jury duty THIS time. I’m more disappointed than you that you haven’t been picked yet!


  4. Okay, fixed roof – good; new clock – good; Cute Philip at the party – awesome; jury duty – maybe good.

    But what I REALLY LOVED (and I know, this is totally a wordgeek thing) was seeing the word ‘errant’ used so nicely 😀


  5. Sweatpants weekends are marvelous!

    Love how you “admitted” the “real” reason you want to fulfill your civic duty :)!


  6. courts (as a spectator or Juror) can be interesting, in a scary sort of way, the seriousness of the proceedings, the specialized language and ceremony of the legal profession, very cool in a rogerian sort of way.

    btw under some interpretations of the Secret Book of Rules (aka the Book of Secret Rules), # 2 could count as two items! not being as bad as you thought? nice….. being even better than you might have imagined?? damn!


  7. I don’t know of many people who would be thankful for a shot at jury duty! I love how you see it as a possible opportunity to find some stuff to write about and share with us. I may look at it differently if I get another summons! The joys of home ownership, eh? So glad you got everything fixed up and I would be especially grateful for the new that you will get another decade out of those shingles. Replacing a roof is no joke!


    1. When the time comes to replace the roof, the good news is that it is easy: two simple rectangles without a steep incline. My husband, who has helped replace roofs in the past, calls it “a gravy job.”


  8. I can’t think how long it’s been since I actually had to show up for jury duty…years, I think.
    Ah,, roof shingles…I have no idea about when it’s the time to do things like check roofs, etc. Home ownership is so complicated. But great news knowing yours are good for quite a while.
    Have a great week!


    1. Not sure what to tell you about your own roof. I know that shingles have different lifespans (anywhere from ten to thirty years depending on the material and quality plus the environmental conditions). Most roofers offer free estimates, so you could probably get a reputable roofer to estimate the remaining life.


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