“A trait we could all aspire to”

In the middle of a writing funk, I had no desire to participate in a flash blog on Valentine’s Day. Yet, the “Love Not Fear” flash blog event was promoting a message near and dear to my heart. I don’t want people to be afraid of autism. Hell, I don’t want to be afraid of it myself.

Somewhat reluctantly, I decided to put together a post to promote the flash blog. I called it “Easy to love,” pulling the title from something Philip’s preschool teacher had written in one of his autism screening evaluation forms.

When I hit publish, I discovered that it was my 800th blog post.

That same day, everyone’s favorite blogging dinosaur, Rarasaur, published a week-in-review post. At the end she wrote:

How has your week been?  Feel free to post a link to a blog post, or a tweet, or a FB update that explains part or all!

I decided to link to my 800th post. It came as no surprise to me that Rara responded. She treats her readers well and fosters a real sense of community in the cyber world.

Ain’t that the truth

I also shouldn’t have been surprised to have Rara visit the post and comment on it. She wrote:

“Philip is easy to love” – what a beautiful, heartwarming thought. Plus, it shows that Philip was born with a trait that we all could aspire to. Loved this post about your honest progression and learning curve! :)

When people ask, “Why do you blog?” I usually have some pat answer ready. But when I read Rara’s comment, I realized THAT is why I blog. I put my thoughts and feelings out there to educate others about autism acceptance, and someone uses them to teach me. Rara took my words and advocated for HUMAN acceptance. Don’t we all really want to be easy to love? What would the world look life if we all aspired to that?

So, thank you, Rarasaur. Thank you for teaching me something while I was busy trying to teach others. You reminded me of the power of blogging to help us learn and grow. I “couldn’t have said it better“myself which is why I selected you for my February 2014 comment of the month.

Rarasaur says wonderful things like this all the time. Not just in February.

Rara said this post wasn't complete without a picture of Philip.

Rara said this post wasn’t complete without a picture of Philip.

19 thoughts on ““A trait we could all aspire to”

  1. This was so moving and so true. Been busy of late but I promise to stop over and read your posts when time frees up. Hugs to you, Cynk.


  2. Aw, thank you, Cyn! I love that you do this, it always introduces me to new friends and great ideas… and I’m incredibly honored to be included in that group. The only thing the post is missing is a picture of Philip’s big loving eyes! 🙂 Thanks again, this post was such a kindness! 🙂


  3. Your blog is a beautiful place in this big world. I see a lot of love in every post of yours. Lucky to know you in this blog world. And Rara is one amazing blogger too: she’s a magician of love and words. 🙂


  4. I began my blog on 2/14/14 and I know Rarasaur-pretty cool dino. I’m a substitute teacher in my local school system and work many days with children with special needs. These children are quite exquisite and beautiful in their innocence and amazing in how hard they strive to achieve their goals. You have a lovely blog and express yourself in the same light…
    newbie blogger (I still nee to figure out how to create a hyperlink-otherwise I’d give Rara a well-deserved shout out)


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