Ten Things of Thankful #37

Last Friday stunk. It was one of those days that I was glad when it was over. Plus, it was a good thing I had been drafting my Ten Things of Thankful list throughout the week because the events of the day made me think I’d never been thankful for anything ever again.

But things were looking up by Saturday. Still, we were all exhausted by day’s end. Both Peter and Philip were asleep by 7 pm. Peter got up around 1:30 am, but Philip SLEPT ALL NIGHT.

Ten Things of Thankful

That’s number one on this list. I’m thankful that I got to stay in bed for almost eleven hours. Because I was still feeling a bit stressed, I didn’t stay asleep the whole night, but I woke up without my body hurting on Sunday morning, so I’ll take it.

2. I’m thankful we had a gift card for Denny’s. We ate breakfast on Sunday morning after our good night’s sleep. Plus, we used a coupon and now have enough leftover for another visit.

3. I’m thankful that I earned this badge.

I have 1,000 followers as of February 23, 2014.

Sure, not all my followers are real (hello, spambots!) but I’m thankful for the real people who are reading. Thank you!

4. Last week I forgot to mention that I was thankful that I did NOT have to report to jury duty. Now, some of you may cry “foul!” because I claimed to be thankful about the opportunity. And I was. I was disappointed to phone in last Monday night and find out I was no longer needed. My disappointed was soon replaced by gratitude, however, when I realized that I had no way to get down my street on Tuesday morning. I never would have made it to court on time due to the overnight snowstorm. So, yes, I’m thankful that jury duty was canceled.

5. I’m thankful our home warranty came through again. This week, it covered the replacement of our sump pump. The new pump has a better design, so we’ll avoid issues of having the float catch on the side.

6. I’m thankful that the pump failed when the weather was cold. Eventually, all of the snow will melt and there will be a lot of water. I’m glad we have a new pump ready to take it all away.

7. I’m thankful I was chosen to be interviewed for this month’s “Who’s on Fourth” feature over at the yeah write. I appreciated the positive feedback and support. Plus, it just goes to show that yeah write is a lovely community where you don’t have to win all the time to feel like you belong. Heck, I didn’t even manage to enter a post on the challenge grid this month, but I still feel like I contribute by reading and voting. You can join, too, by linking up with the Weekend Moonshine Grid.

8. I’m thankful that I got paid today. I really hate getting paid once a month. Sure, it’s all the same money, but I miss getting paid every other week.

9. I’m thankful I was able to take the day off. This morning, we visited the school where Philip will attend kindergarten next year. I think it was good for us to meet the principal and the head of the special education department before it comes time to write Philip’s IEP for fall.

10. Since I got paid today and had the day, I’m thankful the roads were clear so we can take another trip to the bulk food store. We found a shorter route (take that, GPS lady), but also were able to explore on our way back.

What are you thankful for today? Share your gratitude in the comments or link up your own post.

40 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #37

  1. Philip sleeping through the night is monumental! And I totally get the jury duty thing. But I actually enjoyed getting paid once a month, way back when that used to happen. I always knew how much I had for the month and was able to budget accordingly.


    1. It’s true. It’s not like I should be surprised by how much I have. I’ll use the new house as an excuse. We’re still learning how much our utility bills will be. And in this cold weather, the answer is high.


  2. I’m glad you made it through and found things you were able to be thankful for. That place where you think there’s nothing good left – that sucks :/

    YAY! for no jury duty. That helps a lot that you didn’t have to go through the challenge of trying to get there.

    And days off are awesome. I’m glad yours was productive.


    1. Thanks. Since so many of the 1,000 are spam, I haven’t been keeping up with thanking/visiting my followers. I think that will need to be a project for the next few months.


  3. I said this to Sandy today, if I didn’t start to compile my list at the beginning of the week, there have been a few weeks (this one included) that I would not have done the TToT, because as the week does go on and things sometimes gets crazy and more hectic around here, I just don’t feel like writing or sharing my thankful things. So, can truly relate to that and just glad you were able to find some good and share with us. Enjoy the weekend now!! 🙂


  4. I’m thankful to be sitting here right now with a nice hot cup of coffee leisurely reading your post which makes me compile my own internal list of gratitude. So thanks. 🙂


  5. I think there my be something to working out a post as the week goes on. I may give it a try even though I usually do most of my blogging by the seat of my pants because my life is a big heaping spoonful of crazy!
    I wholeheartedly hooray! for home warranties! Thank God we have one! Best thing we did when we bought this house!
    Staying in bed for eleven hours sounds so nice. I hope you enjoyed it and that maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to do it again soon!


  6. Yay for sleep! and out to breakfast. What a relief to have a newer better sump pump. We both are thankful for jury duty, just for different reasons. While you were snowed in, I was called in but that’s another story. I love taking the scenic route home. It is the perfect little adventure.


  7. Sleep…priceless! Hoping you get the experience of jury duty sometime in the future. I’ve sat on two juries and they were good experiences. The first was an age discrimination case against an employer and the second, a murder. Fascinating!


  8. Congrats on 1000 followers – that is great! And for your feature over at Yeah Write. I keep meaning to go back and do that again (only ever did it twice), but I guess I’m not quite in that head space at the moment.

    As fur jury duty – I think relief says it. I’ve been pulled up in the draw here twice (most recently a few months ago) and so I too might get called. Of course, I’ll do my duty – but to say it would inconvenience things would be an understatement….


  9. I often start my TToT file early in the week and add to it as I go – it’s been especially helpful in those weeks where at the end it feels like I can’t remember a single good thing.
    Getting paid once a month? Not sure I would be very good at managing the finances, but I suppose you learn, right?
    Had to laugh at the end – I absolutely have a love/hate relationship with the GPS lady! I love it when I’m unfamiliar with a new destination, but I often outsmart her when I’m familiar with the area and I think her suggested route is just silly. I swear I can hear irritation in her voice when I change the route!
    Have a great week!


  10. Congratulations on the 1,000. followers! v cool to have, not so much the volume of readers, but, by inference, the variety and range of people who read and (therefore) are affected by your writing.


    1. I wouldn’t mind having fewer, “real” followers. What good is a spam follower that never comments or engages? But you are right about the variety. I learn a lot from the feedback of the diverse people who stop by my corner of the world.


  11. HI, I want to congratulate you too on the 1000 follower badge. Great job. I am glad you got a new pump; although, I have never heard of one of those. I guess it is because I am from the South and we don’t get much snow here. I will check out the special writing community too. Thanks for sharing.


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